Happy New Year to all. 2011 must be a year of action and the breaking of revolving circles.

I would like to say an especial "salut" to anyone in France who has bought Fly Yellow Moon recently. Vous etes tres magnifique, c'est vrai.

Hopefully I can see some of you when I come over to play a show in February La Boule Noire. French audiences have always been wonderful whenever we've played over there in Guillemots - the shows we did whilst touring 'Through the Windowpane' were real highlights for us. I think we played La Boule Noire then actually. Anyway, I'm playing on February 2nd. You can get tickets here if you want to come listen / watch / both.

I was also recently sent a transcript of a lovely radio piece on French radio - in fact the one mentioned below on the news page. This was, however, somewhat trumped by what Google Translate made of it. I can without doubt say the subsequent Google Translate version is the best piece of writing I have ever wtinessed that has anything to do with me. Some of these quotes will stay with me for life.

Here it is

This  artist has released his first solo album at the end of October 2010 and, slowly, is trying to find its  audience through a press rave. This is Fyfe Dangerfield from Birmingham and has just  turned 30.

It's kind  of brilliant songwriter whose only Brit pop and the secret that most experts  have identified as the creator of the excellent band Guillemots.

Yet  strangely it all began in June 2010 in Britain when suddenly, the British  rushed on their mobile phones, clicking on "Shazam", this application  in seconds you can identify any song in your shining moving in the direction of  the music played.

TV  broadcast a commercial for a major British chain store and hundreds of  thousands, suddenly, our English neighbors were shocked by the music and the  voice singing a song not so unknown to illustrate the ad.

Excerpt  from "She's Always a Woman"

Taking  over a Billy Joel song? Is that  reasonable when one has a profile "Les Inrockuptibles"that  has captivated readers of modern pop Magic and most  demanding consumers of indie pop?

The answer  is simple. Fyfe Dangerfield has a voice that  can transcend everything. A human  voice. Feverish, haunted by the flowers  of evil. Example.

Excerpt  from "Barricades"

Fyfe  Dangerfield also has a rigor that makes each song should have its own   architecture. This is why it is a curious  character. Rather conventional in its  approach, almost closer to the vein of Elton John but with the tormented soul  of a NickDrake. Curious mixture.

Excerpt from "Do not Be Shy"

Fyfe  Dangerfield is a character ironic, moody, yet light enough to love the kitchen,  it combines much of the music or drawing as soon as he can with some talent. Torn between the margin and what seems overwhelmingly  popular, this is an artist who takes a perverse pleasure to declare his love  for the band Electric Light Orchestra. So  how can we be surprised at what happens to him especially when he says he is a  maker of tube?

Excerpt  from "Faster Than The setting sun"

Fyfe  Dangerfield will be in concert on February 2 at the Black Ball in Paris. No doubt the audience will still be those who think  it's wrong to love Coldplay.

In his first major concert in London, a man walked  into his dressing room before the start of his concert to apologize for not  being unable to stay until the end of his performance, but also to tell him how  he was happy to be there. It was one  Paul McCartney. Between architects of pop,  it is always recognizable.

Haunted by the flowers of evil. Let's rock.

See you soon - either on this website or - I currently live a double life. .

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Hi, I'm french and I am totally in love with your songs and your charming voice . There is no word for explain what I feel when I listen your music , I love it you are a really good artist and it's too bad beacuse French don't know you a lot :/ Please come in France , in Lyon or Saint Etienne I'm sure that you will have lot of new french fans . You are just the one of the best singer in this world , you make people feel good , thanks for all you do for us ! Love you Fyfe
posted 3 years ago

P L E A S E come to Italy :-(
please please s'il te plait per favore por favor i don't know any other language eheh but please Fyfe come to Italy !

posted 4 years ago

How fabulous - all I ever wanted was to be haunted by the flowers of evil!! Oh well - maybe in another life
posted 4 years ago

I always suspected that you were a maker of tube.
posted 4 years ago

I agree -- great press material! I also hope you can work in the "architects of pop" part. I really like that - congrats!
posted 4 years ago

"a voice that can transcend everything. A human voice. Feverish, haunted by the flowers of evil."

"Fyfe Dangerfield is a character ironic, moody, yet light enough to love the kitchen"

"he says he is a maker of tube"

Fyfe, can you make sure these will become a part of your official press statements from now on?

posted 4 years ago

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